Who is this program for?

-Every cycling woman who would like to get to know herself better.

-Spouses and engaged couples who want to learn a way to plan their families while respecting their full human dignity and the lives of their future children.

-Spouses who are struggling with infertility and want the tools to find answers.

If you've ever wondered what is going on between periods, sign up for an intro session! If you have questions about your menstrual health, we should chat! If you just want to be able to better predict your period when your cycle seems unpredictable, you should come too! If you want plan your family without contraceptives and with teamwork, this is perfect!

How does FertilityCare work?

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System works by identifying biomarkers in your cycle. You work with a FertilityCare Practitoner (FCP) to learn to chart these symptoms in detail. We meet every two weeks at the start. As you get comfortable in your new knowledge appointments space out further, but your trusty FCP is always happy to answer ALL the questions along the way :)

Is there science involved?

Oh yes! Lots of biology, lots of bodily fluids, charts, graphs, all kinds of great stuff! You can think of it like a big awesome project to collect, track, and analyze data about yourself! So cool!

(If you aren't the type to get super excited about data analysis, don't worry, we have stickers and secret codes, too.)

We need to take an NFP course for our marriage preparation program, can you help?

Absolutely! What you need to do is click over to the Get Started! tab and find a time that works for you. Let me know if you have any other questions using the contact form.

Am I committed to a full year if I sign up for an intro session?

Nope! Of course you will learn the most and get the most out of the program if you keep going for the full first year. In fact, it's not just a one year program, it's a "the rest of your reproductive life" program. That said, if you are even a little bit curious, it is totally fine to just sign up for the intro session and put off commitment decisions until later ;)

Is this program only for Catholics?

Nope. This system of family planning, like most natural family planning methods, is the result of scientific study called for by the Catholic church, but being Catholic is not a requirement for learning about fertility or learning how to use a natural system of fertility regulation.